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In the heart of Milan, amidst the illustrious Quadrilatero della Moda, Philippe Model Paris unveiled its Fall/Winter 2024-25 Ready-to-Wear collection, a captivating ensemble that signifies a fresh direction under the helm of Tuomas Merikoski. Mid-January 2024 marked a pivotal moment during Milan's Men's Fashion Week, where the brand's showroom transformed into a vibrant stage for innovation. This presentation wasn't just a showcase of new designs; it was an immersive experience, attended by the crème de la crème of influencers and key opinion leaders, highlighting a temporary yet transformative makeover of the space.

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Under the creative vision of Tuomas Merikoski, whose Finnish roots have intertwined with Parisian flair, the collection breathes new life into the Philippe Model Paris ethos. Paris, with its rich tapestry of artists, breakdancers, skaters, and the effortlessly chic, serves as the beating heart of this reimagined identity. This collection embodies the city's dynamic energy and multicultural vibrancy, presenting a dialogue between urban sophistication and playful rebellion. Each piece, from the daring Big MODEL sneakers to the meticulously tailored garments, speaks the language of individuality, encouraging wearers to express their unique personalities.

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This season's offerings are a testament to the brand's foundational value of inclusivity, blending menswear and womenswear in a gender-full vision that champions bold volumes, innovative textures, and a celebration of imperfection. Materials, precious in their essence, are treated with a nonchalant grace, adding depth and character to each design. The collection stands as a postmodern homage to classicism, redefined with a tongue-in-cheek twist that captures the essence of an open and inclusive Paris. Available from late June 2024, both online and in exclusive stores, this collection invites you to explore the multifaceted language of style, crafted for the bold, the spirited, and the unique.

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