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Embrace Parisian vibes with our new collection. Discover Parisian style: effortless elegance meets contemporary comfort. Our versatile, genderless designs draw inspiration from the daily life of French cities. Step out and feel at ease in your new favourite pieces and walk the globe with confidence.


Perfect balance between the latest trends and timeless style, feminine and masculine, minimalistic and unique details. The new clothing collection is an ode to Parisian style, where each garment is designed to be worn every day, reinvented with contemporary shapes and vibrant colours.

Women Collection

Minimal-chic garments for a simple but unique style: clean lines, monochrome shades and carefully tailored down to the last detail. Trendy oversized jumpers, bomber jackets and trench coats worn with trousers borrowed from the male wardrobe. Get your own unique look to feel comfortable and feminine. 

Men Collection

Timeless garments to wear for every occasion. Contrasting fabrics guide you in creating your own unique look. Loose-fitting sweaters in fashionable colours to be worn with trendy coats and trousers with tailored details. Discover the collection that will become your go-to for next season.



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