Emblem of Legacy: Paris and the Philippe Model Vision

At the heart of Philippe Model Paris's identity shines our distinctive emblem: Le Blason, the shield, a symbol embracing the legacy of the Paris City Hall. This choice is no coincidence, but a tribute to our home, Paris, a city embodying our deepest roots and acting as a catalyst for global inspiration. Here, the streets vibrate with unparalleled cultural diversity, a melting pot of traditions, ideas, and art that shapes each of our creations.

Philippe Model Philippe Model Le Blason Storytelling

For Philippe Model Paris, Paris is more than mere geography. It's a gateway, a historic launchpad to endless horizons and international connections. Its cultural influence permeates every continent, and in the same vein, global currents find expression in its iconic streets. In this dynamic dialogue, the city not only influences but is also influenced, reflecting a heritage of art, culture, and architecture that resonates globally. Our logo, the shield, pays homage to this synergy, merging Paris's legacy and its cosmopolitan openness in Philippe Model Paris's vision.

Philippe Model Philippe Model Iconic Logo Le Blason

Bienvenue NICE

Say welcome to the new Nice, a unisex silhouette that captures an essence of minimalistic chic and enduring design.

Philippe Model Philippe Model Nice New Model