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Philippe Model SEX-Preview-Cover

Unveiling a Capsule of Dreams and Rebellion

Transcending Boundaries: The Philippe Model Paris X Sexsdreams Alliance

In the heart of Milan, Philippe Model Paris and street artist Sexsdreams meld fashion and art, offering a capsule collection that marries Milanese street art's vibrancy with the brand's sophistication.


Gioele Corradengo, the visionary behind Sexsdreams, brings his unique blend of punk aesthetics and whimsical creativity to the forefront of this collaboration. Born in 1996, Gioele's journey began with graffiti, rapidly evolving into a comprehensive artistic exploration that defies conventional boundaries. His creative process — a dynamic interplay of inspiration, dedication, and experimentation — yields pieces that are not just unique but deeply authentic and resonant with personal narratives and reflections. It's an exploration of freedom, where mistakes are not just permitted but celebrated as gateways to new discoveries and expressions.

This capsule collection is not just an amalgamation of fashion and art; it's a manifesto of individuality, experimentation, and the sheer joy of creation. It challenges us to see beyond the conventional, to find beauty in the unexpected, and to embrace the freedom that comes with true artistic expression. Philippe Model Paris and Sexsdreams invite us on a journey of discovery, where every step taken in these shoes is a step towards a more vibrant, imaginative, and boundless world.