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The presentation of the Spring/Summer 2025 Philippe Model Paris collection by Tuomas Merikoski can only be described with a relaxed rhythm and Parisian vibes.
Four Parisian artists were part of this moment that brought the most underground soul of Paris to Milan.
The collection has a laid-back soul, fully reflecting what the brand is today and our Parisian essence: seemingly normal, inherently subversive, completely nonchalant, genuinely multicultural. This mood pervades a range of used, washed-out, imperfect summer garments with a relaxed feel and a postmodern classicism.
The collection for men includes soft tailored clothing in stretch swimsuit fabrics, short blousons in voile and poplin, long and baggy shorts, and shirts. For women, ultra-flowy chemise dresses, treated technical suits like the softly tailored Parisian tweed that defines the figure, apron dresses and Capri trousers.
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For the presentation, we interviewed our designer, Tuomas Merikoski, who told us what inspired this collection. Aside from the City of Love, it was also the more underground soul of the music scene.
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The designer and some details of the collection

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The atmosphere of the Parisian music scene certainly influenced and inspired this new collection, which is why we chose to invite four emerging Parisian artists to the presentation: Andy4K, Bamao Yendè, Lala &ce Pro and LeDiouck. Their performances certainly brought the perfect atmosphere to this presentation.
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Some pic from the event

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