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About us

Paris 1978.

Philippe Model founds the Brand as an extension of his own aesthetic research, a synthesis of his know-how and a challenge to the fashion establishment.

It is this essence that still guides the brand’s vision today: continuing to develop an eclectic brand for a community of consumers who are confident in their style.



Philippe Model Paris is perfectly epitomised through aesthetic research and the dynamic use of materials.

The energy of Paris, its rhythm, speed, art and the change of scenarios and atmospheres following on one after another within this metropolis are the aesthetic and functional inspiration for the brand.


A well-defined identity, which is confirmed in the complete synthesis between aesthetics, attention to detail and savoir-faire, transmits an allure that is always modern, eclectic and never banal.

The icons



The concept of “lived-in” as a synonym of craftsmanship is encapsulated perfectly in the PRSX, thanks to the distinctive foxing tape on the sole, deliberately imperfect and for this reason patented by the brand.



Essential and timeless. The brand’s iconic model par excellence, with running in its soul and aesthetics characterised by sinuous lines and contrasting materials, to make every shoe unique.