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Congratulations on the purchase of your latest Philippe Model Paris product.


The item you have chosen to wear is produced by fine craftmanship methods, using exquisite and fine materials, selected with care to ensure quality, comfort and style.


During the workmanship process, specific techniques and treatments are utilised reflecting the spirit of the Philippe Model Paris brand and these are the result of research, tradition and passion.


In some cases, the product has been intentionally aged and used so that the materials are fully able to tell the story our style; the non-uniformity of color and the wear on some of the parts are unique qualities and characteristics of your Philippe Model Paris product. Any imperfections are to be sought out in the artisan workmanship and are the distinctive signs of a products created with extreme care by expert hands in our laboratories.


For these reasons, your Philippe Model Paris product is a unique and precious piece.


Wear it with the same passion with which we have produced it.


Preserve its beauty and handle it with care. Clean the shoes with a soft cloth or with a soft bristle brush: avoid using abrasive substances and do not machine wash. In this way, you would ruin your Philippe Model Paris product and we would be unable to help you in any way. For the clothing, follow the instructions on the labels found on the inside of the garment.


For information on how to make a return visit the page Shipping and Returns