April 2018 - Philippe Model inaugurates the second Italian boutique in the heart of Rome, at Piazza di Spagna 20. The new space, as the two new boutiques in Paris and in Milan, has been created by the Italian architect Marco Costanzi and will be dedicated to the collections for men and women. The concept is based on the contrast between the two souls of the city of Rome: one rich and magnificent, and the more urban one. This contrast is reflected in the materials used, parquet and wooden panelling on the walls, combined with brass, leather and mirror panels on the walls and long bronze smoked Plexiglas shelves lit up by brass profiles. At the centre there is a large crystal element which enhances the sneakers and accessories as though they are suspended mid air. The furnishing is completed by armchairs and carpets with a slightly vintage flavour.



Piazza di Spagna 20
00187 Roma, Italia

E-mail: romastore@philippemodel.com

Opening times: every day from 10.30 a.m. to 7.30 p.m.